Anthony Kiedis Tackled By Security Guards [Video]

Red Hot Chili Peppers singer Anthony Kiedis was tackled by a group of security guards this weekend as he tried to enter the Four Seasons hotel in Philadelphia.

Why? Well, the the Rolling Stones were staying at the hotel and the security team working the door apparently didn’t recognize the famous musician. So when Kiedis tried to enter the hotel with his girlfriend the security guards told him to get out. When he tried again, the security guards tackled him to the ground.

According to TMZ, the Rolling Stones were preparing to leave the hotel around the same time and the security guards were making sure the exit was clear. The guards mistook Kiedis for a crazy Stones fan and decided that it was best to keep him away from Mick Jagger and crew.

It’s unclear who the guard was working for. The Four Seasons denied that the guard was part of their team while the Stones said that the man wasn’t with them either. A source close to the band said that it was possible that the bodyguard was hired in Philly to provide some extra security.

Here’s a video of Anthony Kiedis getting a step too close to the Rolling Stones. Oh, and by the way, Anthony isn’t too upset about the incident. When asked for a statement Kiedis simply said: “I love the Rolling Stones.”

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