‘World War Z’ Sequel Could Happen, Says Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt Marc Forster

Brad Pitt seems to think a World War Z sequel could happen.

Despite the trouble the big-budget zombie flick encountered during its storied production, it would seem the flick is on-track to make a considerable chunk of change from curious moviegoers.

Depending on how well the movie does over the weekend, there’s a strong possibility the boys and girls at Paramount Pictures could put a sequel into motion. According to Moviefone, the film’s star believes a follow-up is in the cards.

When he was asked about the project during his appearance at the Moscow International Film Festival, Brad Pitt said there’s certainly enough stuff in Max Brooks’ novel to easily piece together a World War Z sequel.

“There is enough [material] to mine from the book. We could barely get a fraction of the book in [this movie]. So we’ll see. We’ll see,” the actor explained. However, he didn’t say whether or not he would return for the proposed follow-up.

The Hollywood Reporter explains director Marc Forster is keeping quiet about the possibility of World War Z 2. For the time being, it would seem all eyes are on just how well the zombie flick performs at the box office this weekend.

“Let’s see how this goes. We hope this movie goes well and we shall go from there,” the director explained. In other words, don’t get your hopes up for a sequel just yet.

According to the numbers at Box Office Mojo, World War Z performed very well at the box office on Friday. Although it couldn’t outshine the Disney-Pixar flick Monsters University, the zombie picture still managed to bring in $25 million in ticket sales.

Box office estimates for the weekend haven’t been released just yet. However, Forster’s adaptation is expected to land in second place overall. The Monsters Inc. sequel will likely take the crown while Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel should end up in third.

Did you catch World War Z over the weekend? What do you think about the possibility of a sequel?