Nigella Lawson Is Rumored To Want a Divorce

Nigella Lawson Is Rumored To Want a Divorce

According to reports, Nigella Lawson is rumored to want a divorce from her husband, Charles Saatchi. Since the shocking pictures were released revealing her 70-year-old spouse “throttling” her in a restaurant, there has been many questions asked about their relationship.

The “domestic goddess” of cooking has reportedly told close family and friends that she is nearing the decision to end her 10-year marriage. Furthermore, a close aide of 53-year-old has revealed that the TV cooking icon is feeling “broken and ­desolate” after recent events.

Just in case people aren’t fully aware of the current situation between Nigella and Saatchi, pictures were published which showed her husband with his hands around her neck, seemingly hurting his wife and causing her great distress.

However, when asked about the photographs, Saatchi claimed that it was a “playful tiff”.

Even when Saatchi “voluntarily” walked into his local police station to accept a caution for the incident, it didn’t help stem the tide of endless comments about his seemingly abusive actions.

Furthermore, with Nigella Lawson having recently been photographed without her wedding ring, it would seem that the damage has been done and the marriage is drawing to a close.

Especially when her close aide, who has been in constant contact since the incident, has said that neither the cookery star or her husband want to try and save their marriage.

In addition to her own thoughts and feelings, the TV chef is apparently taking her US career into account for whether the divorce should go ahead or not. Due to her involvement with the TV show, The Taste, Nigella has become a popular figure for US viewers too.

Therefore, if Nigella wants to keep the respect of her US followers, and maintain the image that she’s a strong woman, her advisers feel she needs to end her marriage or risk taking a nose-drive in her career.

However, until Nigella Lawson comes forward herself to confirm or deny these divorce rumors, there is little else that can be said on the matter.


[Image via Mirror]