Book Sculptures Continue To Enrapture Scotland

Book Sculptures Continue To Enrapture Scotland

A series of mysterious book sculptures have continued to pop up across Scotland, UK, for the last couple of years, and has kept the “literature-biased country” enraptured with their intracity.

The unknown artist, who lovingly crafts these unusual artworks from printed pages, leaves the sculptures at libraries, cultural events and other literary locations all over Scotland. The latest piece has been found at Leith Library.

According to the libraries website, the new enigmatic piece came in a box addressed to them and their Reader in Residence, Emily Dodd.

Luckily these sculptures haven’t been blown up after being mistaken for a bomb, which is sadly what happened to some artwork by the artist Russell Jaffe.

Furthermore, alongside the addressees, there was a quote from A. A. Milne; just in case nobody is familiar with the name, Milne was an English author and is probably best-known for his stories about Winnie The Pooh.

Book Sculptures Continue To Enrapture Scotland


From the little that is known about the book sculptures and their unnamed creator, the beautiful art pieces have been making an appearance since 2011. The first piece was a tree and was left at the Scottish Poetry Library, with the attached address referring to the library’s Twitter account, @ByLeavesWeLive.

Other locations have included the Scottish Story Telling Centre, The National Museums of Scotland, and the Edinburgh Bookshop, to name but a few. Furthermore, the mysterious artist has even commissioned work for the Book Week Scotland, and all through the use of an anonymous email account.

Even though nobody seems to know who this dedicated book loving artist is, they definitely seem to hold literacy, and the powerful feelings it can induce, in high regard.

Moreover, when libraries and other artistic institutions are under harsh scrutiny in the UK, it is a welcoming sight to see people offering their support and promoting books.

The Leith Library had this to say when asked about the surprise artwork:

“We’re a community library so we’re proud to have chosen by the artist, […] Our sculpture seems to be a gift in support of what we’ve been doing to promote reading via social media and through the Scottish Book Trust Residency.”

Whether you’re a fan of a real book or the digital kind, these beautiful book sculptures certainly seem to be capturing the public’s imagination and keeping literacy a fresh and exciting part of the public’s lives. It would seem that unusual arts and crafts is the “flavor of the month” in the UK if this report and the one about a giant doily are anything to go by.


[Image via Leith Library]