Justin Bieber's First Instagram Video First To Hit 1 Million 'Likes'

Justin Bieber's first Instagram video --- a giggling, shirtless affair --- is officially the first of its kind to hit one million 'Likes.'

Stoned or not --- and frankly, when decriminalization of personal marijuana usage is taking place in multiple states all over America, the hysteria about a hypothetical is ridiculous --- the 19-year-old has once again demonstrated his social media popularity.

Bieber posted his 15 second giggle-fest Instagram video on Thursday, June 20.

Less than 48 hours later, he set the record as the first to crack the 1 million 'Likes' milestone.

Instagram owner Facebook confirmed Bieber's achievement to Mashable.

No doubt they were delighted the star promoted the photo-sharing app's new video service by posting his first Instagram video to his Twitter account.

It seems the Canadian has a knack for setting records.

Bieber's "Baby" is the highest certified single in history. He is first artist to have seven songs from a debut record blitz the Billboard Hot 100 chart. In July 2010, he was the most searched for celebrity on the Internet.

In the same month "Baby" became the most viewed YouTube video, a title it held until November 2012, when Psy's "Gangnam Style" definitively dethroned it. Bieber also recently became the first Twitter user to notch up 40 million followers on the social media network.

There's a neat symmetry, too, about the pop star's latest record. After Bieber joined Instagram in July 2011, he became the first user to rack up one million followers (by March 2012) and now has 9,147, 263.

So what did Bieber say in the Instagram that beat off strong competition from other celebrities' first Instagram videos, like Madonna, hero-for-a-while-yet LeBron James, and funny man Jimmy Fallon?

"So crazy news, just …" the singer says at the beginning of the clip, before breaking off into peals of laughter.

Stoically, Bieber carried on filming, while friends off-camera tittered "he's lost it."

"Crazy news guys. There's video on Instagram," he finally concluded, slurring like a pro.

Then again, what teenager isn't, at some point, somewhere, sometimes?

Justin Bieber's FIrst Instsgram Video Becomes First To Notch Up One Million 'Likes'