Canadian Woman Finds Out ‘Doctor’ Husband Is A Criminal

A Canadian woman never in a million years thought that her husband would lie about being a retired psychiatrist. Well, that’s exactly what he did.

Timothy Szabolci was convicted of stealing $30,000 from a Texas pain management clinic, impersonating a physician and practicing without a license.

Szabolci was sentenced to five years in jail in October 2009 but was paroled and deported to Canada after a year. He started a sales company called Platinum Pacific in Canada, which has been shut down.

Although Szabolci was ordered to pay back the money he stole from the clinic, the company claimed that he hasn’t paid them back a cent. When his parole is up on July 21, he will be able to return to the United States.

Sheri Brown married Szabolci four months after their first date and said that he was a complete gentleman. “Always opened my car door for me. Made me dinner every night. Was just loving and caring.”

Brown started to get suspicious of her husband when he said his accounts were frozen. She had to pay all of the bills to support him.

“Well, I’ve been supporting him for the last six months,” she said.  “I’m out about $50,000. I’ve had to cash in my RSP’s. I had a motorcycle. I sold that. And I said, ‘This isn’t right. Something’s wrong here.'”

When she did some research, she found a story that aired on CBS in 2007 about a man named Andrew Szadolc, who looked a lot like her husband. It turned out to be him. Szabolci changed his name and lied about everything.

The Canadian woman has filed for divorce and contacted the Royal Canadian Police.

“I don’t know who this person is,” she said. “I don’t know him. I don’t know where he has been what he had done. It’s all a lie.”

Do you feel bad for Brown?

[Image via Shuttershock]