Video of Cheating Woman Thrown Off Cliff Is Months Old

Video of a woman thrown off a cliff by her romantic rival went viral this week, but sharp-eyed internet sleuths noted that the confrontation was actually months old, with the video floating around various message board and video-sharing sites as early as January.

The video, from Peru, shows one woman grappling with another woman, then dragging her off a cliff and the standing over her rival to shout obcenities. The “other” woman fell 20 feet to the rocky ground below, but a few minutes later was able to climb back out of the canyon. She reportedly came out of the ordeal with only a few cuts and bruises.

DNA India shared more information about the cliff incident. It said that Lissette Lupo Mamani caught her husband red-handed with another woman, Sandra Bruna Morales. As the confrontation began the husband beat a hasty retreat as Lissette started to fight Sandra near a rocky ledge.

Sandra told the Peruvian news service América Noticias that the story was actually backward. She claimed she never had an affair with Lissette’s husband, Renzo Zanabria Huanca. She claimed Renzo harassed her so often that the jealous wife mistook it for an affair.

Sandra probably should have talked with Renzo to get her story straight, though. He told America TV that he was indeed having an affair with the woman thrown off the cliff.

If the clip of the woman being thrown from the cliff looked familiar, that’s because it already made the rounds once, closer to when it was filmed back in January. Commenters noted that the viral video has already made the rounds on several video-sharing sites, though for some reason it went viral again this week.

For the woman thrown off the cliff, it’s probably a memory she’d prefer didn’t get dredged up again.