Gutter Pervert Crawled Into Sewers To Look Up Women’s Skirts

Gutter Pervert Crawled Into Sewers To Look Up A Woman's Skirt

Japanese resident, Yasuomi Hirai, has been dubbed a gutter pervert after he allegedly crawled into a sewers just to try and look up a women’s skirts.

The 26-year-old was arrested in Kobe, Japan, and has admitted to participating in this taboo behavior several times previously.

According to, Hirai said that he had done this “numerous times”; we’re not quite sure which is more shocking, the fact that he does this type of thing, or the fact he so readily admits it.

It would seem that Hirai’s actions are a drastic step up from crawling under the floors of a mobile home just to peep up at an unsuspecting woman, which is what happened to a resident in New Hampshire.

In a report from Sankei News earlier this month, the whole incident was detailed for all the world to see just how this gutter pervert managed to carry out his questionable actions.

Apparently the 26-year-old climbed into a narrow sewer and crawled over a dozen meters through a drain that measured 35 by 50 centimeters.

Upon reaching his sewer grate of choice, one positioned near a women’s university, he lay in wait and tried to catch a glimpse up any passer-bys skirts. According to the report, a female student looked down and saw a pair of eyes peeking back at her.

Although the police were informed, by the time they arrived at the scene, the pervert was already gone.

However, because the police had spotted Hirai earlier in the year acting suspiciously in the same location, they went to question him first to see if he knew anything. Sure enough, Hirai admitted to the perverse behavior, informing the police that he took the day off work just so he could have an early start perving on the female university students.

Due to the big reveal of this creepy story, maybe the women of Japan should invest in some anti-pervert stockings like some women have done in China. Of course, no doubt many women are hoping that similar events to this won’t be happening any time soon.

Hirai has even been reported to have said that, if he was to be born again, he’d like to be reborn as a street, which sounds pretty creepy if you ask us.

This whole incident has completely added a whole new meaning to “mind in the gutter”, thanks to this gutter pervert and his unsavory actions.


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