Australian Man Pleads For Jail Time Instead Of Booze Ban

Milo Manu Felix Wild booze

A 22-year-old Australian has asked a judge to send him to jail for three months rather than continuing to ban him from booze for two years.

The aptly named, Milo Manu Felix Wild, has got into trouble several times over the last few years due to his love of booze, with his Facebook profile stating that his interests are “causing a ruckus,” “getting drunk,” “getting paid,” and “p*** ups.”

Wild told the court that he would rather go to jail because staying at home has depressed him. Wild revealed that watching his friends go to bars and clubs has been too hard to take whilst he has had to stay in sober, so instead he would rather go behind bars for three months instead.

Wild’s attorney, Georgia McMaster, told a court, “(He said) in Darwin people of his generation go out and have a good time on the weekend and drink.”

Wild was already on two year’s probation and banned from bars, because he stripped naked, knocked down a series of portable toilets, urinated on his hands, and flung it on park rangers at an Australian national park during the country’s Anzac Day in 2012. Anzac Day celebrates Australian and New Zealand’s military members.

Because of his actions, Wild lost his job as a car salesman, was labeled an “absolute yobbo,” with the judge adding, “His behavior was almost subhuman – it’s just mind-boggling,” and had his picture on the front page of a national newspaper. Wild had also been arrested on Anzac Day in 2009 too.

Last weekend, Wild decided to abandoned the punishment handed down to him, visiting a Darwin pub known as the Duck’s Nut and was ultimately approached by police, who recognized the notorious boozer, to which he told them, “I did nothing f****** wrong.”

He has since asked the judge to throw him into jail so that he can fulfil his punishment.

Would you rather go to jail or not drink for two years?