Pet Monkey Attacks Texas Cop During Traffic Stop

Police Officer Keith Moore probably didn’t expect to be attacked by a pet monkey during a routine traffic stop, but that’s exactly what happened.

After the 21-year-old Texas cop gave a man a ticket for speeding, the man’s pet monkey jumped forward and bit down on Moore’s hand. Perhaps the monkey was upset he gave his master a ticket?

Moore luckily had a good sense of humor about it and didn’t let it ruin his day. “I wasn’t angry. I was just more shocked and surprised than anything else,” he said.

The rookie cop told his sergeant about the attack as he went to his car. “His monkey attacked me,” he said. “He’s got a monkey and it attacked my hand.”

The sergeant found the situation quite hilarious. “A monkey? Like a legitimate monkey?” he asked. “At least you got your story for the day early.”

Moore joined the Aransas Pass Police force just three months ago. He received a lot of training, but he probably didn’t learn what to do when a monkey attacks him. If he ever comes across a little monkey again during duty, he will be more prepared.

The young cop isn’t the only one who has been attacked by a pet monkey. Last summer, a pet monkey flipped out and violently attacked his owner. “JayJay” was usually very well behaved but snapped after he tried to escape from his home.

His owner Jimmy Schwall tried to catch him in a net and the monkey clamped down on his buttocks and thigh and ripped apart his hand. His friend grabbed a gun and shot the monkey.

Schwall suffered seven injured tendons and one injured nerve and had to have three surgeries on his hand. “He was very much part of the family,” Shwall’s wife Mona said. “Me and my husband didn’t have children together and he was basically our child. He was very much loved and he is very missed.”

[Image via New York Daily News]