Bill O’Reilly Surprisingly Endorses Major Bill [Video]


Whether you love him or hate him, Fox News pundit Bill O’Reilly wields a lot of influence. That’s why a group of senators have been pursuing him relentlessly for his support on a bill that is at the center of one of our nation’s biggest issues: Immigration.

On Thursday, O’Reilly threw in with immigration reform, becoming an ally in what has become a quest to just get something passed. He announced that after the completion of a new Senate deal on border security, he will be in favor of the bill’s passage.

“It is time for the USA to pass immigration reform,” O’Reilly said. “For years I’ve called for a more secure southern border, you know that. And now it looks like the secure border is in reach. At least somewhat. So I hope this bill does become law.”

The so-called “Gang of Eight” have long been pursuing endorsement for their immigration bill from O’Reilly and Fox News. The bipartisan effort needs support from both conservative and liberal bases, so that is likely why O’Reilly focused on the border control aspect of the bill in his endorsement.

According to The New Yorker, senators Marco Rubio, John McCain and others have also been speaking privately to Sean Hannity and Neil Cavuto in an effort to get them on their side.

O’Reilly said that Rubio had spoken to him earlier that day.

“Senator Rubio told me on the phone today that it would be at least 13 years—13—before people in the country illegally right now could gain full legal working status, and even longer to achieve citizenship,” O’Reilly said.

Are you surprised that Bill O’Reilly supports the Gang of Eight’s immigration legislation?