Former Playboy Playmate, Colleen Shannon, Pleads Guilty To Smuggling Criminal Boyfriend

Colleen Shannon, a former Playboy playmate, pleaded guilty to smuggling her convicted criminal boyfriend into the United States and could face jail time because of it.

The 35-year-old tried to smuggle her ex-con boyfriend Robert Skojo into the United States from Canada last August. She now faces up to 10 months in jail for her crime.

Skojo was sentenced to six months in jail in November and was deported to Canada after he was released.

Shannon and her boyfriend Skojo were arrested in New York when federal agents said he entered the United States illegally by boat through the Akwesasne Mohawk Indian Reservation.

The blonde bombshell said that she should not be charged with smuggling because she did not actually drive Skojo across the border. She claimed she was just picking him up.

Shannon’s attorney, John Conrad, said that Skojo wasn’t allowed to legally immigrate to the United States because of his drug convictions. He also was convicted of prostitution and pimping in 1990.

Shannon met Skojo in 2011 when she DJ’d at a party he hosted. The two hit it off and Shannon did not seem to be bothered by his criminal past.

The petite blonde was the centerfold for Playboy’s 50th anniversary edition in 2004. In her Playboy profile, she admitted that she was turned on by positivity and supportiveness and turned off by negativity and bad kissers.

“Everyone is put here to do something. Your subconscious tells you the things that you love to do, but a lot of people put those things aside,” she said. “I think if you stick to things you love, nine times out of ten, circumstances are going to go your way and you will live a happy life.”

Do you think Shannon deserves to spend time in jail for smuggling her boyfriend into the United States?