Baby Shot, Mom's Last Facebook Post Gave 'Fair Warning' [Video]

A six-month-old baby was shot in and killed in Knox County, Tennessee on Wednesday. Both parents are now under arrest and being held on $1 million bond apiece as a result.

Angela Major, 26, and Ken Mason, 40, are the parents of six-month-old Kelsey Major, who was reportedly shot in a domestic fight over a loaded handgun. The Knox County Sheriff's Office is still investigating and hasn't said how many rounds were fired.

After the shooting, the baby was taken to University of Tennessee Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead.

The handgun was recovered, and the investigation into the baby's shooting is ongoing. According to local news station WATE, investigators spent six hours collecting evidence at the scene in the aftermath of the deadly shooting.

Both parents have an extensive criminal history. Mason has outstanding warrants for failing to appear for court dates.

Major's criminal history reportedly includes arrests for theft, vandalism, aggravated burglary, and aggravated arson. Major's friend Brandy Mecklemore identified Kelsey and Angela Major for WATE on Angela's Facebook page.

Kecklemore also said that Major has four other children with different fathers. She had already lost custody of them.

It all adds up to a somewhat frightening picture of a woman on the edge.

Her last Facebook post said, "FAIR WARNING...I'm in a B****Y mood."

With the police investigation still open, rumors are running wild. NewsCatcher31 said that the pair were fighting over the gun with the child at their feet. The first round went into the child's head.

The second round reportedly went through the father's hand.

However, the Knox County Sheriff's Office still hadn't confirmed the details. We have very few facts right now.

We'll update you on the tragic baby shooting when we know more.

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a screenshot of Angela Major's Facebook page

[Angela Major screenshot via Facebook]

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