Graduation Cat Cake Combines Internet’s Favorite Jokes

graduation cat cake

Have you seen the hilarious Graduation Cat Cake that’s making the internet rounds this graduation season?

The Graduation Cat Cake story takes two of the internet’s favorite things to laugh about — screwed up cakes and cats — and combines them into one uproariously funny image that gets even funnier when you hear the story.

Many young people love cats, so a graduation cat cake kind of makes sense for the grad with a strong affinity for feline companions.

Hey, maybe Fluffy or Buttons helped the graduate through long study sessions … right? Not in this case.

An Indiana University student’s mom was the inadvertent buyer of the graduation cat cake, featuring a detailed photo frosting overlay of her daughter … with a cat piped crudely on the young woman’s forehead.

Carol Gambrel explains how the graduation cat cake and its internet meme-rifficness came to be, saying that she made one request of the bakery aside from the photo frosting — a graduation cap, on her daughter’s head:

“We had so many laughs about it. We thought, you would think since we gave them the phone number that they might call, and ask are you sure you want a cat on the head?”

Gambrel quips:

“Let’s see, diploma, congratulations … Yeah, this cake is screaming for a cat on the head.”

While many parents would be somewhat annoyed by the graduation cat cake mishap, mom Carol sees the value in the comedy gold that is the cake her daughter saw at her graduation celebration:

“This is a one of a kind cake … It’s not just a boring kind with a graduation hat. Some of the comments we saw on the internet said the cake is 10 times better with a cat on it and I thought ‘well, I have to agree with them.’ ”

Lucky for the graduation cat cake bakers, graduation customers are way easier than brides — could you imagine if this was a wedding cake?