Nintendo gives date … for revealing of Nintendo 3DS release date

Because that’s how hype works nowadays, kids. Rather than just give us a damn release date and price for the Nintendo 3DS, Ninty thought they’d torture gamers some more and announce when they were going to announce said date. It’s an announcement of an announcement. Groan.

But let’s run with this anyway, because it’s a slow news day and HELL THIS IS THE 3DS RIGHT DUDEZ?! In a nutshell, Nintendo will be revealing the price and release date for its new handheld on September 29th. The company shared this nugget with Bloomberg Japan, and it’s a date many gamers, myself included, will be keenly anticipating.

In fact, just for the hell of it, I’ll stake my guess now: I’m going with $199.99 and a release in the US and Japan in 2010 (remember Nintendo has previously said the system will be out in all major regions before March 31st, 2011). What sayeth you, dear reader? Am I being unrealistic expecting a sub-$200 price point?

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[Bloomberg Japan, via]