Sammi Kane Kraft, Krissy Taylor Resurrected As Trends Hiccup Zombies

Sammi Kane Kraft, Krissy Taylor have apparently been resurrected as trends hiccup zombies.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, trends hiccups have been rocking the internet lately.

A trends hiccup is when fake or old news is combined with new searches to spit out a bad set of search keywords. The result is mass confusion, with dead teenage sports stars rising from the grave and poor little Bindi Irwin dying like her father Steve Irwin.

The most interesting one this week had MSNBC firing Chris Matthews, or at least canceling his show. That turned out to be false but people are still looking (and the conservatives are hoping).

Another trends hiccup was when people were searching for when Sarah Palin called GOP members wusses for their wobbly stance over the fiscal cliff. Sarah Palin did indeed say all this, but it’s been half a year already. Are Sarah Palin’s latest blasts against liberals not enough for you people?

But now people are searching for “Sammi Kane Kraft died after car accident” and “Krissy Taylor died from asthma attack” in vain. The story about Krissy Tyloor at least isn’t that old. The original events took place back in February.

But the story about Sammi Kane Kraft dying is already almost a year old. The only other child star to die recently was Lil Snupe, but he’s a teenage rapper, not a sports star or an actress.

Why do you think Sammi Kane Kraft and Krissy Taylor suddenly became popular on the internet again?

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