Landlords From Hell Plead Guilty To Felonies in San Francisco

Renters often complain about living conditions, but two “landlords from hell” in California may make you perspectivize your renting woes.

The pair dubbed the landlords from hell in the media call to mind slapstick comedy, but the actions of Nicole Macy, 37, and Kip Macy, 38, are far from funny in real life situations.

Both Macys pled guilty this week in San Francisco to felony charges of residential burglary, stalking, and attempted grand theft after years of alleged abuse perpetrated on tenants.

Among the allegations against Nicole and Kip Macy in the landlords from hell case in an alleged campaign of terror starting back in 2006 are that the latter went so far as to cut through the floor of one tenant’s living room while he was inside the apartment in order to render the dwelling structurally unsound and unfit for tenancy.

CNN reports that, when the man did not leave (after the pair reportedly consulted with an expert on how best to sabotage the living space and make it unsafe), Macy took stronger measures to bully him out:

“Kip Macy later bought a semiautomatic handgun and threatened to shoot [Ricardo] Cartagena after he refused to cut the joists himself. The couple eventually changed the locks to Cartagena’s apartment, removed all of his belongings and destroyed them, court records show.”

Nicole Macy was accused of further actions to terrorize tenants in the landlords from hell case, going so far as to allegedly impersonate victims to interfere with litigation:

“In one [email], pretending to be one of the victims, she fired the attorney who was representing the victim in a civil case against the Macys… From another e-mail account, Macy sent a message to her and her husband’s civil attorneys, threatening to kidnap and dismember their children. In the e-mail, she pretended to be one of victims.”

As the landlords from hell face jail time for the years of alleged abuse, Cartagena — the man whose floor was sawed — tells local news sources that “finally there’s justice coming.”