Channing Tatum: New Baby Takes Top Billing

Channing Tatum has a new baby that’s moved every other priority in his life down a few pegs, even filming his new movie, Jupiter Ascending.

His wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, gave birth to baby girl Everly on May 30. Unfortunately for Channing, he wasn’t able to put off work on the new science fiction movie, which is directed by Andy Wachowski and Lana Wachowski.

Channing is filming the movie in London, so he and wife Jenna are borrowing a house in England’s Costwolds region. Sources say the 33-year-old actor doesn’t like to stay at the set too long, though.

“He’s excited to leave every night,” a source told Us Weekly.

Channing Tatum and the baby are enjoying the time they have together now, because the happy family has some changes ahead. Come July, Channing is headed off to Chicago while Jenna treks to Canada to film a Lifetime series.

He’s reportedly so protective that he won’t even let dogs around the new baby.

But even with the change, Channing Tatum has baby time planned out already.

“Channing and Jenna have a two-week rule,” a source told Us Weekly. “That will apply to the baby too.”

It was actually movies that brought Channing and Jenna together, so they likely understand the demands of the profession. They met while filming Step Up in 2006, and both have worked on several projects throughout the course of their relationship.

Channing has a particularly busy 2013. He’s starring in five movies with a sixth in post-production, but spending time with Everly comes before all of his projects.

“The baby will get top billing as far as priorities go,” the source said. “Channing is going to be the most adorable hands-on daddy ever and do whatever is necessary to make sure Jenna can balance it all.”

Channing Tatum could have another baby before too long. Sources close to the couple said they already want more kids.