Man Heckles Gun Violence Victim’s Father, Gets Tased By Police [Videos]


Gun rights advocate Daniel Musso was hit by a stun gun on Tuesday after repeatedly interrupting a gun control advocate and resisting arrest.

Musso was heckling the father of a murdered gun violence victim at an anti-gun violence rally, according to the Concord Patch.

The 52-year-old interrupted John Cantin, the aforementioned gun violence victim’s father, who was talking about his attempts to influence U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte to pursue stricter background checks for gun owners.

A little rude, but this is America, the land of debate. So far so good.

But Musso reportedly became increasingly agitated and threatening, asking Cantin to take off his glasses and challenging his statements and statistics.

Anyway, police eventually showed up to try and calm Musso down. A melee then broke out after Musso laid his hand on an officer’s shoulder, and three officers then intervened to subdue him. They managed to pin him against a booth and repeatedly warned him to stop resisting.

Musso was then kneed by one of the officers and tased by another. He was taken into custody.

He has been charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and two counts of simple assault, both against a person attending the event and a police officer.

Musso was held on $5,000 bond, with his arraignment set for June 19.

Cantin’s daughter was shot and killed in 2009 by her husband. Musso also reportedly has a heart condition, but it is unknown if being tased exasperated this.

You can check out a video of Cantin being heckled by Musso below. Below that, is a video of Musso being tased. What do you think? Did the police use excessive force, or was Musso “asking for it?”