[VIDEO] Recreating works of art on a Nintendo DSi

To help promote its DSiWare application Art Academy in Spain, Nintendo sent a chap into a Madrid gallery with a Nintendo DSi XL to copy a few of the old Masters. It’s a cute marketing trick (it’s just nice to see any marketing for Nintendo DSiWare content), and the results aren’t so bad, as this video of him recreating a Van Gogh shows:

You can catch the other paintings our artist friend imitates at Nintendo’s Vimeo channel.

While this guy does a pretty good job – certainly better than I could manage – his final work can’t hold a candle to some of the stuff created by the users of Colors!, a Nintendo DS homebrew app that came out in 2007. Hard to believe stuff like this was created on Nintendo’s little handheld with naught but a stubby stylus:

[Via Go Nintendo]