Kate Middleton Natural Birth Plans Revealed

According to an article by The Huffington Post, Kate Middleton will give birth naturally at St. Mary’s Hospital where Princes William and Harry where born.

The exclusive private wing of the hospital, known as the Lindo wing, has been a popular birthplace for royals over the years and will now once again witness the birth of another royal addition.

Furthermore, the highly popular though incredibly expensive private wing, with a standard price of $7,668 for just one night, has undergone extensive refurbishment over the years. This in turn has meant that the hospital has continuously delivered exceptional private obstetric and neonatal care for 60 years.

In addition to the state-of-the-art equipment on hand for the delivery, the wing also has satellite TV, a safe ,and a fridge to name but a few of the extra essentials.

Moreover, Kate Middleton will be able to access the Internet via the private wing’s WiFi and will be given a choice of which daily newspaper she would like brought to her room every morning.

And, if you thought the service at this luxurious hospital couldn’t get any better, then you’d be very wrong: The Lindo wing also provides freshly prepared meals from a dedicated kitchen, not to mention the continuous supply of tea and coffee for the mother and her guests.

Moreover, if they want to toast the new arrival with something a bit stronger, then they can order from the extensive range of wines and champagne that the Lindo wing has on offer.

There really is no denying that Kate Middleton’s baby will have an exceptionally comfortable and pampered arrival into the world, though whether the Duchess of Cambridge will be thinking of that as she endures labour seems highly unlikely.

The news of the natural birth plans come after it was revealed that the royal couple have no idea what sex their baby is; although there have been rumors that they were expecting a girl, it would now appear that those were unfounded and that it is equally likely they that could have a boy.

This will no doubt have followers of the royal family even more in suspense considering how close Middleton is to her due date. The news has already been closely following her maternity plans for nearly a week now, which mean that royal fanatics and lovers alike will be fit to burst with anticipation.

Whichever sex Kate Middleton and Prince William end up with, they are sure to have one happy baby on their hands, with every necessity imaginable within arms reach.

Image Featureflash / Shutterstock.com