Xbox One: Angry Joe Vs Major Nelson Interview May Have Started Reversal [Video]

Angry Joe’s interview with Major Nelson may have kickstarted the Xbox One policy reversal.

The latest news about the Xbox One was the complete turnaround of Microsoft’s policy regarding DRM and online connections. One might assume that a previous video on YouTube may have started a chain reaction that caused the decision to be made.

In the YouTube video, internet celebrity Angry Joe had an interview with Microsoft executive Major Nelson and got a rather salty response, but it may have been the beginning of Microsoft’s recent decision concerning the 24-hour check-in.

The video begins with Angry Joe (Joe Vargas) sitting in his usual chair wearing a Superman shirt with the red logo on black. He says, “Hey guys, here it is, the Xbox One console interview with Major Nelson. I gotta say it is a little bit rough because it was basically an impromptu interview. … I definitely had a piece of paper, I was referring to your guys’ questions on that one. I don’t do that for any other interview, I definitely didn’t want to mess this one up.”

This was just the introduction to the infamous interview between Angry Joe and Major Nelson that may have started it all.

Angry Joe asked Major Nelson about the sharing policy and how ridiculous it was that you could only share a game once, eliminating the used game market almost entirely, and Major Nelson got a little defensive, saying that it wouldn’t really be a huge problem. This video is four days old, if that tells you anything.

Angry Joe’s final question in this video was about DRM, in which he asks about the users who don’t want it, to which Major Nelson responded by asking if he even cared about he “family plan.” Angry Joe then stated, “I know it’s very simple to disable the 24 hour check-in …,” when Major Nelson grabbed the microphone and cut him off.

Major Nelson asks, “Do you? Are you on the development team?” Angry Joe answered to the negative and Major Nelson added, “Okay, so I think that’s a little bold of you to say …”

Could this interview have been the starting point of Microsoft’s policy reversal? What do you think of Angry Joe’s interview with Major Nelson about the Xbox One?