Clues From Blurred Images Helped Agents Racing To Save Young Girl

Clues from blurry images put online by a man were federal agents’ only lead to save a young girl.

Appealing to internet viewers, an unidentified man appears with a child in pajamas next to him, asking for replies to his problem: How best to rape the girl and how to get away with it?

Based on the video and images, sources at CNN reported, the man had not yet abused the girl but seemed intent on doing so soon.

After law enforcement discovered the videos and pictures they realized they were racing the clock if they were to stop this disturbed man.

CNN reports how the agents at Homeland Security Investigations work using state of the art technology to catch child pornographers and human traffickers.

In this case, the HSI needed not only their best computers but also the wits of their sharp agents.

With a clock counting down, federal agents had to use the few clues given them. The first was a blurry highway road sign seen out the window.

On the sign appeared to be a sunflower logo. This lead investigators to Kansas, where sunflowers are the state flower.

The sign also started with a clear number two, but the other numbers were too blurred to read. Believing it to be Highway 203, agents drove its entire length without finding the sign.

Knowing the young girl’s time was running out, the agents took to the next highway beginning with a two in an act of desperation. Luck was with them — they soon found the sign.

In the right area, law enforcement found and raided the suspect’s house, after identifying it from another blurry picture with a glimpse of a backyard swimming pool.

Despite having only blurry pictures to work with, clever police work and a fast investigation lead the federal agents to race to the rescue of the 11-year-old girl, found still in the pajamas seen in the photographs, before the man could carry out his threats.

[Image via ShutterStock]