Worthwhile causes: ‘Free Lindsay’ rally scheduled for tomorrow in NYC

Because if we as a society can’t stand up for one former child star who ignored numerous court orders and openly defied a judge after a string of DUI arrests that would likely have landed a normal American in the clink ages ago, what do we stand for?

The owner of a Beach Bum Tanning location in Manhattan- an establishment that, not coincidentally, keeps the entire Lo-clan that fetching shade of orange year round- is apparently organizing a protest rally in Manhattan tomorrow to show support for the troubled pop-tart. According to Hollywood.com, Lohan’s supporters state their case eloquently:

The Beach Bums hope their “campaign” will “draw awareness to the harsh punishment inflicted on Lohan due to her celebrity status and that she will be released from jail before her 90 day sentence reaches completion.”

Alas, details of the rally, such as start time and exact location beyond “7th Avenue,” were not disclosed in the post. (There appear to be two- one in Chelsea and one in the Village– that match that description.) This isn’t the first time the Beach Bum team has stepped up to white knight a celebutante in distress- they pulled some similar shenanigans in 2007 after Paris Hilton was sent to prison.