Unemployed Teacher Finds $20G And Gives It Back

An unemployed teacher from Texas found a bag containing $20,000 on the side of the street and didn’t keep it for herself. She actually gave the money back.

Candace Scott noticed the bag had a Chase label, so she returned it to the nearest branch right away. She even knocked on the glass before the bank even opened.

The unemployed teacher said that the bank manager thought that someone mugged her. “I told her `I have y’all’s money. She said `What?’ and then she thought I was a crazy person. I told her to stay right there while I got it. She saw it and opened that door up as fast as she could.”

The bank manager thanked Scott for returning the money and told her that she’s the most honest person in the world.

When the former middle school teacher first spotted the bag, she said she didn’t think anything was even in it.

“It looked like a gallon-size baggie with a blue zipper on top,” Scott said. “It just barely caught my eye, and I thought it was money, then was like, `Nah, it’s probably a dirty diaper.'”

However, curiosity got the best of her, so Scott picked up the bag.

“There were two huge bundles of hundred-dollar bills wrapped in rubber bands,” Scott said. “The bag had ripped open because of the dump truck, but other than that it was just laying there.”

Scott is not the only person who has returned a large amount of money. Last year, a Tennessee man returned $13,000 he found in a trash can outside of a convenience store.

Kenneth Allen never once though about keeping the money. “I knew I had to return it,” he said. “Someone might have needed that for something really important.”

Would you have returned the money if you were in Scott’s shoes?

[Image via Shuttershock]