'Futurama': Billy West Doesn't Think Series Is Ending

Billy West doesn't think Futurama is ending.

You've heard his voice probably a million times, but you most likely wouldn't recognize him on the street. Billy West is one of those voice actors like Mel Blanc and Seth MacFarlane who has so many famous voices that sound nothing alike, you'd swear he was probably three people. You've heard his work in Ren and Stimpy as both title characters, and as Futurama's Philip J. Fry, Professor Farnsworth, Doctor Zoidberg, and Zapp Brannigan.

You can imagine Billy West is used to saying some pretty hilarious stuff with a straight face.

One thing, however, has been said with a straight face, and it wasn't a joke. Billy West doesn't think Futurama is ending. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Futurama was apparently canceled after the upcoming season, leading to probably thousands of upset fans.

Billy West said in an interview with The Week:

“On Comedy Central, maybe. But my feeling is that the show's too good to not be on television, and there's a whole lot of television out there. And then some — there's the content that's not even on TV. It's on Netflix, stuff like that. I have a suspicion that somebody like that will pick up the show and continue production with it. I would feel terrible if that were the case, if this was just the end of it.”

A lot of us agree with Billy West that Futurama is just too good a show to cancel. It's like canceling South Park. Why would anyone do that with a show that brings in so many laughs and so many loyal viewers after all this time?

Futurama meme Billy West
Futurama meme Billy West

Billy West feels that Futurama has had so many hidden ideas already implemented that it's almost inexhaustible how many opportunities there are for future episodes. The pilot episode alone has had enough hidden storylines attached to it that aspects of it are still being used for new episodes after over a decade.

We can only hope that if Comedy Central actually has canceled Futurama, someone else will pick it up and keep the ball rolling.

What do you think about Futurama being canceled? Could Billy West be right about someone else grabbing the production and keeping it going?