In Italy, Corpses On Beach Don't Deter Sunbathers


In Italy, corpses on the beach don't stop folks from getting their sunbathing on.

Italy's summer season got off to kind of a disturbing start after two vacationers dropped dead on two different beaches. The Italians there reportedly just continued playing games and sunbathing while this was going on.

It's not a case where these folks just died in their sleep while spread out on a towel and no one noticed. The corpses were recognized for what they were and covered up with white sheets while Italians went about their day. The Italy corpses stayed in the sand for some time until they were finally removed by emergency services.

One, a 78-year-old Russian woman, died in the water after a suspected heart attack. Two swimmers tried to resuscitate her but were unsuccessful.

At another beach in another part of the country, a 19-year-old Moroccan man drowned in the sea. His body was simply covered with a white sheet while a group of beach-goers continued to play games nearby and others continued sunbathing.

"The people who behaved like that should be ashamed of themselves," said Sandro Bartolomeo, a local mayor.

When emergency services finally did arrive on the scene, they told beach-goers to show some respect for the corpses.

Images from both scenes were called "a punch in the stomach" by one Italian newspaper. "Death on the beach whilst all around people continue to sunbathe," read one headline. "Perhaps people will feel remorse in the evening, when they get home. Too late."

corpses on Italy beach

What do you think of the Italy corpses left on the beach while vacationers and locals went about their day nearby?

[Image via: Beautiful Sunday / Shutterstock]