‘Glee’ to do ‘Rocky Horror’ episode, confirmed at Comic-Con

The small screen musical dramedy with a fanatical fan base (Glee) is set to pay homage to another musical with a crazy-ass fandom.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show has been confirmed as one of Glee‘s episode themes for the upcoming season, among other tidbits leaked by Ryan Murphy at Comic-Con. (And on that subject, why don’t they just go ahead and rename it “Fandom-Con?”) Murphy says details for the episode are still tightly under wraps:

Plans for the post-Super Bowl episode are in the works, but Murphy promises something big. “Nothing says Super Bowl like ‘Glee,’ ” he joked. “We’re in talks to do a huge tribute episode but the deal hasn’t closed yet so I can’t say.”

Murphy also says that the second season will focus more on peripheral characters, and that there might even be a girl on girl kiss. Of the new storylines, he explains:

“Those characters pop so much that I want to see a whole episode of Brittany, a whole episode of Artie and Tina,” he said early in the session, adding that there will be more tribute episodes.

Lastly, he leaked a bit of a spoiler, telling fans that Tina’s affections for Artie wane in favor of Mike, also known as “Other Asian.”