Hotness Alert: Shirtless Henry Cavill Shows ‘Man Of Steel’ Workout [Video]

Henry Cavill is hot, literally. And we’re not only talking about how well his new film Man of Steel is performing at the box office. The movie is the biggest June opening ever for Warner Bros.

If you have seen the Zack Snyder movie you know how hot he really is. One of the most attractive men in movies right now and in incredible shape for this role. That suit is filled out with all Henry, no padding was required.

In the movie we see him going through some impressive sequences fighting off his nemesis, General Zod (Michael Shannon). It is undeniable that Henry’s body is perfect for the role of Superman. Beautiful is a common description.

But the British actor doesn’t call attention to himself or his body, far from it. He is a very unassuming 30 year-old man that actually prefers to live a quiet life with his girlfriend, fellow actress Gina Carano (Fast and Furious 6).

Henry Cavill credits his trainer Mark Twight, who also trained the cast of 300, for his transformation to play the iconic role.

Now, to highlight just how brutal the training he underwent was, the National Guard, which is heavily showcased in Man of Steel, has put out a series called Soldier of Steel.

The piece is a motivational, instructional series aimed to inspire everyday people to make their own “super transformations”. The Guard is using Cavill in their advertising.

Director Zack Snyder makes the introduction in the piece and explains how soldier-citizens can transform their bodies.

Henry Cavill Man of Steel workout

There are three videos of National Guard training, but the fourth one features Cavill and his grueling routines. Both ladies and gents can enjoy watching the stunning Brit doing his workouts.

In the video Twight also talks about how the workouts help people find out how much they can actually do with their bodies, just as Superman does.

What do you think of how Henry Cavill prepared himself for Man of Steel.

[Image via National Guard]