Beyonce Settles $100 Million Video Game Lawsuit

Beyonce reportedly settled a $100 million lawsuit over a video game deal gone sour.

The singer backed out of a deal to create a dance game with the folks at Gate Five. Although the parties originally wanted to work together on the project, Beyonce’s alleged demand for more money ultimately derailed everything.

According to Billboard, the lawsuit isn’t headed to trial. The singer and Gate Five reportedly submitted paperwork to the courts last week that took the problem off the table.

Gate Five’s attorney confirmed the parities were able to reach a settlement in the matter. Since details of the arrangement are confidential, the general public may never know the specifics of the settlement.

CMU reports Gate Five filed the $106 million lawsuit against Beyonce back in 2011 after the singer backed out of the project. The company claims they were very close to securing $19.2 million in financing for Starpower: Beyonce when she decided to drop out.

The singer said she had a clause in her contract that allowed her back out if Gate Five was unable to secure money for the video game. When the company couldn’t raise the $5 million required to get everything up and running, Beyonce decided to terminate their agreement.

Gate Five, meanwhile, believes the singer may have been seeking similar deals with some of their competitors. The company also believed Beyonce scared off their investor when she decided to drop out of the project. Shortly after everything started falling apart, Gate Five sued the singer for $106 million.

The video game developer said in court documents that Beyonce decision to terminate the deal was “a bad faith breach of contract so callous that, on what appeared to be a whim, she destroyed Gate Five’s business and drove 70 people into unemployment, the week before Christmas.”

What do you think about Beyonce settling the $100 million lawsuit with video game developer Gate Five? Do you think the singer was in the wrong for backing out?

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