Free Botox Provided For Low-Income Brazilians

The Brazilian Society of Esthetic Medicine has begun their annual program that provides free cosmetic procedures to low-income residents of Rio de Janeiro. The program, which started on Monday and will run for ten days, is making Botox, chemical peels, varicose vein treatments, and hair removal procedures available to those who make less than $250 per month. Trainees will perform the procedures, and so far 10,000 people have taken them up on their offer.

Keeping in mind that people who make $250 per month quite often live in places like this, you'd think they'd have far greater concerns on their mind (like staying alive and feeding their families). Is this a useful program because it makes people feel better about themselves, or is just some expertly-applied slap to a much bigger problem?

At least they could've teamed up with a dentist and maybe an inoculation specialist.