iPad Sales To Reach Beyond Analysts Expectations In 2010

Market factors have surfaced which now place iPad sales in 2010 at close to 13 million (12.9 million expected). That estimate is 82 percent higher than the companies original projections of 7.1 million units for 2010. In more exciting news for investors, analysts now believe Apple won’t even have to expand beyond the 19 countries already offering the iPad in order to reach those levels.

The higher expected sales come at a time when suppliers in Asia are being told that more LCDs and flash memory chips will be needed than originally expected.

Researches also believe that another 36.5 million units could ship in 2011, taking the Tablet’s one and a half year total (approximate) to just over 50 million iPad units sold.

According to iSuppli, Apple now owns 84 percent of the tablet market and the iPad design and success is forcing the industry to align their own units with similar designs, new reworking which is taking time and which gives Apple a better change to corner more of the market.

Assuming Apple continues to add new models with updated features, it should take them long to reach those numbers, if not in 2011 and 2012, it will still be very soon.