Carl Edwards and Brad Keselowski tangle, again

This is not going to end well for Carl Edwards. Sure he might have won the race, but come Tuesday NASCAR penalty day his chief antagonist Brad Keselowski is going to win the war. NASCAR is sure to have a problem with how the Dodge Dealers 250 Nationwide Series race ended tonight. On the final restart Brad and Carl found themselves at the front of the pack. In turns 1-2 Brad got into Carl and bumped in out of the way. Then coming out of turn four for the final time Carl wiped Brad out put him in the fence, and never lifted to bring home the victory.

Normally I would call this one of those racing deals, and that this is the kind of stuff we expect from NASCAR racing. However this is now the second time Carl has wiped Brad out in a NASCAR race, and despite NASCAR’s declaration of “have at it boys’ they are sure to lower the boom on Carl and his #60 team.

Brad’s father, Bob Keselowski, a racer himself was beside himself after the wreck saying he was not going to allow Carl to kill his son. In watching this race life my wife got very upset and we are Carl fans, asking me if Carl was losing his mind. I think Carl was looking to send a message that this is how it is going to be, and those who want to get in his way or take away from him will be dealt with on the track.

Now, as I said I am a big Carl fan. One of my favorite pieces of NASCAR fan stuff I have is a picture of him holding my son when he was just a little over a year old, but I think Carl stepped over the line. Coming to the finish line we can let a lot of behavior go, but this somehow seemed different. I don’t like this version of Carl Edwards, but I understand why he did it.