Fox In Jar Video Shows A New Side To Wild Animals [Video]

The “fox in jar” video is making its rounds on the internet this evening.

In other cute animal news, a kitten was stuck in the car engine compartment for over 1,000 miles.

But this fox stuck in a jar was not domesticated whatsoever, which is what makes this video remarkable.

The video starts with two men in Russia walking along the side of a road. Then they spot the fox cub with a jar stuck on its head.

Instead of running, the jar fox instead slowly makes its way up to the two men as if to ask, “Can you help me, kind sirs?” When the men decide to help the fox struggled a bit at first, but eventually the fox settles down, and the jar is pulled off the fox’s head.

When the fox dashes off into the forest, the Russian simply laughs and says, “Where is the thank you?” He then raised the pitch of his voice, saying “thank you,” as if the fox had responded. The other man was blunt about the fox in the jar: “He would have died that way.”

Why do you think the fox in the jar reacted to the men as it did?