Kim And Kanye’s Baby First Look: ‘Just Beautiful!’

Kim and Kanye’s baby pics have yet to emerge, and the first shots of the paparazzi princess believed to be named Kaidance Donda West are expected to fetch a seven figure sum — but socialite Brittny Gastineau reveals that she’s seen the new arrival, and baby Kimye is a stunner.

Gastineau spotted Kim and Kanye’s baby Kaidence during two separate hospital visits, one over the weekend and one last night.

And after seeing baby Kimye, Gastineau gushed but stopped short of sneaking Kim and Kanye baby pics to the media after her two visits.

Brittny toldPeople:

“The baby is beyond beautiful. Everything we expected … I’m so happy for the couple. I’m so excited for my best friend to have this amazing gift and for us to continue this journey together.”

Now that the wait is over and Kim and Kanye’s baby is here (more than a month early and apparently on her own diva-esque timeline), Gastineau says she’s super happy to lavish love and attention on her new niece, musing:

“I’m finally a auntie!! Yay.”

Kim and Kanye’s baby pictures are likely to be published soon, but as for Kim, BFF Jonathan Cheban told the mag she’s “doing amazing and couldn’t be happier.” (But pal Ryan Seacrest says Kim K was also shocked by the baby’s surprise appearance, quoting her as saying: “Can’t believe it. So crazy!”)

So how did the celeb couple settle on the name Kaidence Donda West? Kaidence is a K-inclusive variation of the musical term “cadence,” also a female name and possibly a nod to daddy’s line of work. (Though we hope the variation doesn’t cause credit card issuers to mess up her plastic, because some of his still says “Kayne.”)

Kanye fans will recognize the name “Donda” immediately as a tribute to the rapper’s beloved late mother, who died a few years back after suffering surgical complications.

The hip-hop mogul was unashamedly close to his mom (and he frequently name checked her in songs, with lyrics like “tell me what kind of S-Type Donda West like”), so it’s to be expected he chose to honor her with his daughter’s name.

As Kim and Kanye’s baby name choice is revealed, many fans noted that the moniker pops up in American Wedding for a character played by January Jones.