Blake Griffin Trade A Possibility After Clippers-Celtics Deal Falls Apart

Blake Griffin could be on the trading block after a proposed mega deal between the Los Angeles Clippers and Boston Celtics appeared to fall apart.

There were rumors that the Clippers were shopping Griffin to the Lakers in a deal that would bring Dwight Howard to the Clippers, though that deal was reportedly a long shot and depended on the Clippers-Celtics trade not going through.

It appears the second part of the equation has happened. A proposed deal that would have sent Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and coach Doc Rivers to the Celtics (Rivers would not be traded, rather released by the Celtics and signed by the Clippers) now seems to have blown up.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Boston president of basketball operations Danny Ainge insisted that the Clippers send two No. 1 draft picks along with prized young player DeAndre Jordan, which the Clippers deemed too high of a price. The Clippers reportedly would have traded Jordan and one No. 1 pick for the rights to Rivers and to acquire Garnett. Paul Pierce did not appear to be part of the final equation.

The Celtics had once sought point guard Eric Bledsoe as part of the deal, but backed off when the Clippers made it clear he wouldn't be moved.

The Clippers have viewed Bledsoe as an important tool for the team's future. The backup to point guard Chris Paul, Bledsoe serves as an insurance policy should Paul not re-sign with the Clippers, and sources close to the team say he could also be a piece in a larger trade down the line.

One proposal had Bledsoe as a player in the proposed trade to send Blake Griffin to the Los Angeles Lakers in exchange for Dwight Howard. Though sources have said the deal is unlikely, the Clippers could still look to unload Griffin, who struggled with scoring beyond a few feet from the basket.

The probability of a Blake Griffin trade appears to be a bit higher now that the Clippers have shown a willingness to make waves. The team won its first Pacific Division title this year, but was upset in the first round of the playoffs by the Memphis Grizzlies.