Angry Girlfriend Throws Acid Onto Boyfriend’s Face

An angry girlfriend threw acid onto her boyfriend’s face after he told her to leave him alone.

Diane Egbert showed up to Ralph Monus’ house drunk on Sunday and threw hydrochloric acid on his face before she sped off in her car. She was arrested shortly after that and charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. She remains in Pinellas County Jail on $100,000 bail.

This isn’t the first time the angry girlfriend has been arrested. The 39-year-old has been previously charged with domestic battery by strangulation and auto theft.

Monus refused to go to the hospital and just washed his face in the shower. His face is still red and he admitted that he never wants to see Egbert again.

Hydrochloric acid has many many industrial purposes and requires extreme caution. If the skin is exposed to this acid, it can cause sever burns, ulceration, and scarring. Being exposed to this gas can even lead to health problems like chronic bronchitis, dermatitis, and gastritis.

Egbert isn’t the first woman to throw acid on her boyfriend’s face. A couple of years ago, a woman in New Delhi threw acid on her lover after he refused to marry her.

Arti threw acid on Vinit while they were at the mall. He reportedly fell down in pain and received severe burn injuries on his face, chest, and arms.

According to police, “Arti and Vinit had been friends for five years. Arti wanted to get married and had proposed the idea to Vinit many times. He, however, did not take it seriously. A few days ago, she again talked about marriage but Vinit spurned her advances. She then called Vinit near Cross River Mall on some pretext and while talking to him, took out the acid bottle and hurled it on him.”

What do you think should happen to the Egbert if she is found guilty of throwing acid on her boyfriend’s face?

[Image via New York Daily News]