Old Spice guy wins at social media, bids romantic adieu to internet

It’s kind of funny that true to his persona, the Old Spice “on a horse” guy totally did social media for a few days and rocked everyone’s socks and now he’s peacing out.

It’s like a storyline from one of the several viral spots the company has done, like Isaiah Mustafa took the internet for a motorcycle jacuzzi ride and knocked it up. By all accounts, Old Spice’s foray into social media was wildly successful. Celebrities participated, Digg and Reddit soiled their pants, and the company racked up thousands upon thousands of followers on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook in addition to getting a frickton of coverage for the push. Marriage proposals were accepted. Even 4chan was digging the shout out. Oh, YouTube even kind of broke from the “manliness”:

“Although there’s been speculation that the Old Spice Guy’s ‘manliness’ is affecting our servers resulting in a slower service for some YouTube users, our engineers have discovered another issue,” he said. “We’re working hard to address it and should have the site back to normal shortly.”

Alas, the hilarious and consistently flawless stream of Isaiah Mustafa hilarity couldn’t last forever. Today, the people behind the Old Spice campaign posted one last video to wrap it up and thank the internet. A testament to the popularity of their content, which never smacked you in the face with a “buy Old Spice” message, is the volume of “oh no, don’t leave!” messages. What did you think of Old Spice’s social media efforts- were you swayed? Might you be more likely to purchase their products, or was it just funny to watch?