Old Spice Guy Makes Online Proposal For Twitter Fan

Isaiah Mustafa, better known as the Old Spice Guy took his viral campaign one step further today when he proposed on behalf of a male Twitter follower, several hours later the guys girlfriend Tweeted a “yes.”

The new viral videos began yesterday when Old Spice started posting YouTube videos in which Mustafa answers questions posed by various internet users from Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and other social media websites.

Old Spice, continuing their clever campaign was able to get various top Twitter users to tweet the event and it’s become yet another viral sensation.

This most recent video occurred when a fan named Johannes S. Beals tweeted, “Can U Ask my girlfriend to marry me? Her name is Angela A. Hutt-Chamberlin.”

It only took Isaiah an hour to post this response:

Very Funny! I can’t wait for Mustafa to appear on an NBC show under his recently signed television network contract.