Kitten’s 1,000 Mile Car Engine Ride Far Outstrips 300 Miler

A kitten’s car engine trip across 1,000 miles of west coast America may far outstrip the previously reported kitten who took a 284-mile spin in an 18-wheeler’s engine block.

The new kitten saga started last week, when woman who had driven from Oregon to Santa Barbara, California reported that she heard a kitten trapped in the car engine of her Honda Fit. Apparently, the driver had actually heard it before leaving Oregon but couldn’t locate the 3-week-old kitten in the car’s tight engine block.

After trying and failing to locate the kitten, the woman eventually had to depart on her journey.

In Santa Barbara, she again heard the kitten. By this point, I probably would have thought the durn car was haunted, but she contacted Santa Barbara’s Animal Rescue Team for help.

Julia DiSieno from the ART came out but couldn’t find the kitten.

Then they tried animal control. Same result: no visible kitten in the engine block.

But everybody can’t be imagining things, and Honda Fit engines don’t cry.

Eventually a tow truck service actually lifted the car so that the rescue team could find the kitten.

Chuck Love of Love’s Towing service performed the lift. He told ABC News:

“It took a half an hour, at least, to get it out, and after getting it out it was so cute and so small. Lucky it was small, because then [otherwise] we wouldn’t have been able to get it out. Of course, if it wasn’t that small it would’ve never been able to get in there.”


DiSieno plans to keep the tiny kitten that she has named Love after the tow truck driver who performed the rescue.

On Friday, The Inquisitr reported on another kitten with nine lives, the black kitten named EB for Engine Block that you can see in the photograph.

That kitten traveled what we thought then was an amazing 284 miles trapped in the engine block of an 18-wheeler before being found and rescued.

Did you dream that another kitten in a car engine would so quickly and easily smash EB’s travel record?

[photo EB, truck engine block kitten, courtesy Kane County Animal Control via Facebook]