Christie Brinkley and Brooke Shields Recreate The Past With Goofy Photo Remake

Christie Brinkley and Brooke Shields could have let their goofy pose from 1987 stay in the past; instead, they chose to poke fun at themselves and recently recreated the photo.

The 59-year-old swimsuit model reunited with her actress friend last week, and they both proved that after all these years they still have some great facial gymnastics abilities.

Brinkley and Brooke were hanging out this week at the Park Avenue Garage spring sale when they took the photo.

Shortly after recreating their goofy picture, Christie Brinkley posted the photo on her Facebook page.

The Facebook post was directly addressed to bloggers, apparently in an attempt to get them to post the photo (it worked). Here’s Brinkley’s message:

Hey Bloggers! Reprising our famous pose from over 30 years ago… Yep we still got it ! Lets see if You can still move YOUR face muscles like this? Lol!!!!!


We’ve got to hand it to the ladies: Even with all of their successes, they are still capable of showing off their goofy side. If only more Hollywood types who are obsessed with their public images could take a cue from Christie Brinkley and Brooke Shields.

Here is the original photo that was posted in 1987:

Christie Brinkley Facial Gymnastics

Do you think the model and actress did a good job re-creating their famous 1987 photo?