Hoffa Remains: Daughter Speaks Out As Search Continues

Jimmy Hoffa’s remains have been a complete mystery since his disappearance in 1975, but a late break in the case has led the FBI to fields in Michigan in search of the body. His daughter, Barbara Crancer, spoke out about the situation and is following it closely as it continues on.

Crancer is a retired judge from St. Louis, Missouri, which is much different from her father’s work in organized crime with the Teamsters. She’s well aware of the search, which she noted in a telephone interview on Monday.

““I don’t expect anything from it,” she said in the interview, via the Detroit News.

It seems as if Crancer has no expectations of any findings through the search, but others believe the body is out there.

Tony Zerilli, a former Mafia captain, spoke with the Detroit news station WDIV in February and said that he knew where the body was located. Zerilli told his lawyer, David Chasnick, that there used to be a barn in the field where Hoffa’s remains were buried underneath a concrete slab.


“Hoffa’s body is in the field, no doubt about it,” said Chasnick during a news conference on Monday near the field in Oakland Township, which is located just north of Detroit. He also added that his client was “thrilled” that the FBI is finally acting on the information.

The former Mafia leader has yet to be found, but the search will continue to move forward in hopes of finding Jimmy Hoffa’s body to bring the mystery to an end. Andrew Arena, who worked as the head of the FBI in Detroit up until retiring in 2012, has also commented on the search.

“I still don’t know if this was a guess on his part. I don’t know if he was actually brought here by the Detroit (mob) family,’’ Arena said, via the Associated Press. ‘‘It’s his position as the reputed underboss. That’s the significance.’’

Do you believe the search will eventually lead to Jimmy Hoffa’s remains?