Hoffa Remains Still Missing After Day-Long Search

Jimmy Hoffa’s remains remained missing after authorities wrapped up a day-long search at a field in Michigan.

According to Fox News, the search will resume on Tuesday and authorities are hopeful that they will finally uncover the final resting place of Jimmy Hoffa.

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said that the mystery behind Hoffa’s disappearance is an “open wound” and that it was time to bring his case to a close.

Bouchard said: “This has been one of those open wounds for a long time and actually as this was spinning up and we were chatting earlier last week and especially yesterday I was thinking about what Father’s Day means to the family that doesn’t have closure on this case, and families like them all across the country that have a missing loved one and didn’t know what happened.”

USA Today reports that authorities were lead to the Michigan field after Tony Zerilli, 85, told police that he knew where Hofa was buried. Zerilli, the son of Detroit mob boss Joseph Zerilli, said that Hoffa was buried alive on the property and a concrete slab was placed over his body.

Bouchard added: “It’s my fondest hope that we can give … closure not just to the Hoffa family, but also to the community and stop tearing that scab off with every new lead and bring some conclusion … It’s long overdue.”


Hoffa has been missing since July 30, 1975. Authorities have followed several leads over the years in an attempt to uncover his body but so far they haven’t been able to find Hoffa’s remains.

Zerilli, who recently sold a manuscript about Hoffa’s disappearance, says that Hoffa was taken to a barn that used to stand on the property. He was bound, gagged, and then hit over the head with a shovel before he was buried alive.

Zerilli writes: “There was an old house with an old barn on the property. As soon as they pulled near the barn, Hoffa was dragged out of the car, and bound and gagged. A shallow hole was already dug in the barn floor. He put up a fight, but he was easily overpowered. … (One of the men) picked up a shovel and cracked Hoffa over the head with it. … They threw him into the hole, and buried him alive. He wasn’t shot, he wasn’t stabbed, nothing like that. A cement slab of some sort was placed on top of the dirt to make certain he was not going to be discovered. And that was it. End of story.”