Morgan Freeman In Talks For Luc Besson’s ‘Lucy’

Morgan Freeman is reportedly in talks for director Luc Besson’s action flick Lucy.

The latest endeavor from the director of The Fifth Element tells the story of a woman who is transformed into an unstoppable fighting machine after a super drug finds its way into her body. The side-effects also allow her to see into the future and move objects with the power of her mind.

According to The Wrap, Scarlett Johansson will star alongside Morgan Freeman in Lucy. Johansson is on-board to play the hero, while Freeman will tackle the role of a professor she must find before time runs out. It sounds a lot like Neil Burger’s Limitless except with a female lead and a bit more focus on action.

Although it’s likely Morgan Freeman will sign on for Luc Besson’s Lucy, it’s worth noting that nothing about his involvement is currently set in stone. Until the director, the actor, or the studio makes an official statement, try not to get too excitement about the idea.

Coming Soon reports Universal Pictures will handle distribution in North America and a handful of other territories. The studio hasn’t set a release date at the moment.

Morgan Freeman has been staying pretty busy here lately. His latest big screen credits include the Tom Cruise sci-fi flick Oblivion and Louis Leterrier’s Now You See Me. He’ll also appear alongside Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas, and a slew of other big names in Jon Turteltaub’s Last Vegas. The film opens this November.