Netflix Signs Deal And Nabs ‘Shrek’ And ‘The Croods’ Spin Off Shows

Looks like Netflix has another exciting deal. After rolling out their own original program and succeeding with House of Cards, Hemlock Grove, and Arrested Development, Netflix has taken another step in the right direction as an independent streaming service.

Their latest deal is with DreamWorks, and it’s certainly their most exciting deal yet, at least from a broadcasting stand point. With 2013, their original programming sees Orange Is The New Black next month, but the company isn’t stopping there.

Their new deal with DreamWorks Animation sees Netflix partnering up for 300 hours of exclusive material to the streaming site, which includes films like Mr. Magoo, Lassie, and Casper. What’s more exciting is what this offers in terms of Netflix as an original creative entity. Netflix plans on rolling out “inspired” shows by DreamWorks like Shrek and The Croods.

However, they aren’t putting their big guns out their just yet. For now, they plan to bring Turbo: F.A.S.T. as they plan to launch that to series in December. This comes as a huge leap in the right direction after the company lost a ton of Nickelodeon programming. For Netflix, DreamWorks is an important deal to make, as the company represents forward thinking and has been climbing up the ladder, reaching Disney’s Pixar with their films.


For DreamWorks this is just one of several inked deals for the company. They just inked a branding deal with a show How To Train Your Dragon, which is a spin-off from the original film starring Jay Baruchel. It is said that How To Train Your Dragon is heading to Cartoon Network.

Other big changes that will be more visible to the key is the expansion of Social Networking across the whole program. Netflix told TPM back in December: “We plan to introduce social features for our US members in 2013, after the president signs it.” This of course lets users link up their Netflix accounts with their Facebook accounts and shares the films that they have watched with friends.

Are you excited to see the changes to come?