Bear Mauls Drunk Man Who Feeds It Meat

A black bear mauled a man at a campground in Anchorage, Alaska on Saturday as he fed him meat from his barbecue.

In the attack, which took place at Eklutna Lake Campground north of Anchorage the black bear attacked the man and began to maul him. According to reports, spokesman Ken Marsh said that the bear was “pretty much goaded” into the attack by the drunk man.

Marsh also noted about the victim of the bear mauling: “He wasn’t terribly coherent, he was unsure of where the attack actually happened”

According to Beth Ipsen, spokeswoman for the Alaska state troopers, the man returned from a bike ride and had been drinking heavily. When he came across the bear, he threw it a piece of meat and then offered it a second piece.


At this point, according to Ipsen: “That’s when it (the bear) kind of went ballistic.” The man was found by state troopers washing blood from himself at the campsite and, according to authorities, is lucky to be alive.

Feeding animals in the wild is not recommended by authorities and biologists, who say that you should never feed wild animals food of any description. When a bear mauls a human, the consequences can be fatal.

In this case, the man involved in the incident was lucky to be treated at the local hospital for scratches and light puncture wounds. There were no witnesses to the attack, and the man was too drunk to convey the details of the bear mauling to authorities.