David Oliver, Police Chief, Develops Facebook Following For Shaming Criminals

Brimfield Township, OH – Police Chief David Oliver has developed quite a significant social following on Facebook for posting entertaining updates about the Ohio beat.

Criminals seem to be the biggest butt of Oliver’s online behavior too. The department enjoys some 51,000 Facebook fans, all tuning in for amusing stories about the “mopes” (the term he uses for criminals) in his corner of northeast Ohio.

Follow the Brimfield Police Department on Facebook, and you’re in for gems like this:

“If you use a handicapped space and you jump out of the vehicle, all healthy-like, as if someone is dangling free cheeseburgers on a stick, expect people to stare at you and get angry.”


“You are milking the system and it aggravates those of us who play by the rules. Ignoring us does not make you invisible. We see you, loser.”


This type of humor increased the page’s likes tenfold in the past year, with many fans outside of the town’s 10,300 residents. It is one of the most-liked local law enforcement Facebook pages in the entire country. Only New York, Boston, and Philadelphia police are more followed.

“I call criminals mopes. I do not comment on them being ugly, smelly or otherwise beauty impaired … even though some are. I do not comment on their education, social status, color, sex, origin or who they marry. I care about crime and character. If you come to Brimfield and commit a crime we are all going to talk about it. The easiest way to not be called a criminal is to not be one. It is not calculus.”

So if you’re the type who enjoys funny crime stories and updates, jog on over to Brimfield PD’s Facebook page for updates by David Oliver.

[Image via: Facebook]