Man Claims NJ Flight Passengers Were Poisoned

Update 4:30 pm

The CDC has inspected and cleared the plane Boeing 777. The man who caused the panic has been taken to a New Jersey hospital for evaluation. No criminal charges have been filed at this time. CNN reports that the pane is currently parked at the airport.

Update 2:30 pm

The man who claimed New Jersey flight passengers were poisoned is reportedly now in custody. He was reportedly escorted from the plan in handcuffs. Witnesses report that he was wearing a blue shirt, a dark colored hoodie, and khaki pants.

As reported by Daily Mail, he was taken into custody at approximately 2:00 pm.

Update 2:10 pm

United Airlines flight 116 reportedly landed in New Jersey at around 1:30 pm. Authorities have surrounded the plane. Several buses are on scene to transport passengers from the plane. Authorities with the FBI have stated that the passengers have not had any adverse reactions consistent with poisoning, according to My Fox Phoenix.

Initial Report

A man claims that New Jersey Flight Passengers were poisoned. United Airlines flight 116 is currently scheduled to land at Newark Liberty Airport. The FBI reports that the man has been restrained in his seat and is being monitored closely by the flight crew and several passengers.

The flight originated in Hong Kong. At some point, one of the male passengers became increasingly disturbed, claiming that all passengers on the flight were poisoned.


As reported by CBS, the man may be mentally disturbed. However, authorities are not willing to take any risks. Authorities decided against diverting the flight to an alternate airport. The plane will land as scheduled at Newark Liberty Airport in New Jersey.

Officials with the Port Authority and the FBI will be on hand to meet the plane upon landing.

Initial reports that the man admitted poisoning the other passengers were unfounded. A correction was posted by the Associated Press.

This is a breaking story. Updates will be added as more information comes available.

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