PS4 Pre-Orders Beating Out Xbox One

PS4 pre-orders are outselling the Xbox One.

To anyone who’s been paying attention to the console wars, this is really nothing new. Microsoft made the Xbox One in a way that has made most gamers just stare in amazement, pick their jaw up off the floor, and throw their money at Sony. The DRM controls and online requirements have turned a lot of gamers against the Xbox One.

In the meantime, PlayStation 4 has been enjoying the new-found gamer love. At E3 2013, Sony had announced that pretty much everything wrong with the Xbox One would be nonexistent on the PS4, and gamers applauded like they’d just won a free supply of games for a year. The freedom Sony is offering countered the restrictions Microsoft refuses to back down from, and PS4 emerged the clear winner months ahead of release, outselling the Xbox One by double.

Even GameStop, the retailer whose stock value dropped by almost 20 percent overnight after Xbox One’s used game policy was announced, is enjoying the gamer love on behalf of the PlayStation 4. Thanks to Sony actually listening to the public, used games are still free to distribute, and faith in their console was restored.

Of course, the used games policy wasn’t the only major deciding factor in PS4 pre-orders outpacing the Xbox One by two to one. The PlayStation 4 is also less expensive, possibly because Sony learned their lesson with the PS3 and reversed what they did with it.


The PlayStation 3 had been launched with a built-in Blu-Ray player and a hefty $600 price tag, driving a lot of gamers to the Xbox 360 and Wii. It was mostly the Sony loyalists that bought their console, and this time, as the Xbox One boasts an all-around entertainment center, Sony focused on the games and knocked a hundred dollars off the price in comparison.

A lower price and freedom to do what you want with your games is proving to be enough to make the PS4 pre-orders outsell the Xbox One by double at GameStop.  This only outweighs previous records of approximately three units to two during the period between Monday, June 10 to Wednesday, June 12.

What do you think of the PS4 pre-orders doubling those of the Xbox One? Which console are you planning to buy?