@oldspice guy is being awesome all over the internet today

Although the internet will often reject attempts to pander to it, the Old Spice “I’m on a Horse” guy is pretty much loved by everyone.

The commercials starring Isaiah Mustafa have gone wildly viral, and today the brand and the character are interacting with the internet at large on Reddit, YouTube, and Twitter. Mustafa is even posting video responses to those who tweet at him, including the hilarious one to Digg co-founder Kevin Rose below.

Want your very own response from the man your man can smell like? You can post questions on Reddit here (user:TheGuyOnTheHorse), or hit him up on Twitter here. Then keep checking back on YouTube here because he’s posting video responses. He’s already gotten back to Perez Hilton and Apolo Ohno, as well as a handful of Twitter users.

Update: Added video response to a Reddit user. Brilliant.